Does your home have street-appeal?

Tuesday Aug 01st, 2017





Conscientious homeowners understand that first impressions are lasting ones. Your home's appearance welcomes your neighbours and guests warmly with these recommended investments.


Exterior finishes. Touch up paint and repoint or patch masonry as necessary. Choose colours appropriate to your home's architectural style. Ensure the roof, eaves and downspouts are in good repair.


Windows and doors. Invest in replacing a tired, leaky old door with an attractive, secure and energy-efficient new one. Sidelights or transoms set off an entryway and allow extra light to flow indoors. Windows, sills and casings should sparkle. Pull window coverings back to receive the light.


Accessorize and maintain. Make a statement with clearly visible and inspired house numbers. Choose a complimentary mailbox suitable for the post and packages you typically receive. Add colour and depth with flowers, plants and furniture, and use decorative items sparingly. Keep the lawn and garden tidy.

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