This Wood Slice Photo Transfer Is a DIY Game-Changer

Tuesday Jun 20th, 2017


It's shockingly simple.

Sure, this might look like something adorably creative you'd order off of Etsy, but believe it or not, you can re-create this craft at home in eight easy steps. The rustic frame alternative also makes a great gift for friends and family. The only problem? You're going to want to do this with all your favorite photos.



  • "Flip" your photo using Photoshop or Microsoft Word so that when it transfers, it isn't backwards. Determine the size you will need to print based on the measurements of your wood slice round. To test, print onto regular paper first and compare.
  • Following the instructions on the tattoo paper, print your photo onto the white glossy sheet.
  • When the ink is dry, peel the adhesive sheet off of the green backing and place on the glossy photo.
  • Use the wood wedge or a credit card to smooth out air bubbles and ensure the transfer is even.
  • Trace the wood slice round on the back of the picture and cut out.
  • Peel the adhesive sheet off the photo and lay the photo face down on the wood slice, pressing a wet towel down to transfer.
  • After a minute, peel off the photo and see the image transferred onto the wood. Use the wet towel to wipe any unfinished edges.
  • If desired, glue a wood wedge onto the back for a stand (or two for extra stability).

Note: You can also do a photo transfer with Mod Podge. Find out how!

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